David Keith CT/USA - Drummer for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow & Blackmore's Night


Rodney Pino CA/USA - Drummer for Silent Rage, Love Hate, No Duh - A Tribute to No Doubt, So Madonna and Careless Whisper (George Michael's Tribute)  Owner of Grooveworks Studios and No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves.


Steve "Smiley" BarnardFleet, Hampshire UK - Drummer/Producer.  Balancing as drummer for ARCHIVE, THE ALARM & FROM THE JAM.  

Roy Martin Liverpool, UK.  Drummer for Regina Belle, Aretha Franklin, David Sanborn early in his career and most recently touring with MODERN ENGLISH. 


Brian "Nucci" Cantrell San Diego, CA Professional Drummer. ENGLISH BEAT.


Jarah Jane Quebec, CAN Professional Drummer and Instructor


Todd Lange NY/USA - Drummer for Appetite For Voltage - GN'R & AC/DC Tribute


Maurits de Vries Den Bosch/Netherlands - Drummer for Tim Vantol and House Of Rock,


John Fuentes CA/USA - Owner Fuentech Drum Studios Torrance, CA

Nancy Flannigan CA/USA - Drummer for Uh-oh It's Magic A Tribute to the Cars


Cindy Goldberg Ottawa/Canada - Drummer for Restless Soul, Creator of Beat Keepers - Women  with Rhythm.  A documentary in which No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves participated.

Jason Smith Sussex/UK - Drummer for Sister Suzie and Freelance Drummer/Percussionist


Rob Chismar Los Angeles, CA Drummer with the Curtis Band and No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves Trade show Staff.

Michelle Pickering Los Angeles, CA Drummer for Heavy Justice and Night Sword and part of our No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves Team.  

AJ Graves Los Angeles, CA Drummer for Doyle Rules - Misfits Tribute Band and part of our No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves Team.


Seth Kreiswirth Torrance, CA Drummer, Vocals, Keyboards for Retrofit and The K-Tel All Stars.

Colleen Mastrocovo Buffalo, NY Professional Drummer with Hair Nation.


Drummer's Corner - Josh Berrios NY/NY


Becky Russell San Diego, CA - Drummer - Playing since age 9 with roots from school band and drum & bugle corps. 



Rikki Woods is drummer for punk band The Bathwater. She is the 2019 Hit Like a Girl Popular Champion/HLAG 2020 Educational Alliance Manager. Rikki is a Berklee College of Music Masters Student & Adj.Professor of Music


Paul Brown I am a freelance drummer currently working with a Amy Winehouse Tribute Amy Most Cherished and Rik Gaynor as Elvis and All The Kings Men.



Linus "Batterix" Wallin  I'm building my name as a drummer here in Stuttgart, rehearsing with a "all original" band and trying to get a cover band-project out there. I also do drum clinics.


Nate Figlar - Pittburgh PA - Drummer for Truckster, The Harry Von Zells, The Band Jammin, Chuck Owston and Catfish Row, The Acoustic Company, and Upbringing. House drummer for Under the Garage Studios and Apple Eye Studio, Staff band for The Back Home Festival 


Ken Sanders Lifetime Member of Nashville TN AFM Local 257. Currently leads The Nashville Jazz Cats (“A Thousand Stars Above Me”) which features Ken as lead vocal on Adonda Records


Kevin Cook  - Cornwall UK - Drummer in two bands.  20th Century Stardust, a glam-rock tribute band and Du Glas, an original band playing folk/rock.  Kevin turned pro back in 2003. Now happily gigging, depping and teaching drums.


Ian Dean - Rayleigh, Essex. U.K. actively gigging all over the United Kingdom (60 plus gigs an average a year)… Mainly in a tribute act to “The Jam” 


Hector Marcano Rivas - 24 Years of being a Professional Drummer in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Plays worship and rap music.




 JAMIE SCOLES- Born and raised from Orange County, CA.  Asian American female self taught drummer. Toured with Nylon Pink across the world. Jamie was honored and placed in The Hard Rock Hall of Fame in Macua and Malaysia.

 Product Demo Video :

Stacy Jean Binelli  Drummer for SugarPunk Fairies, Dynysys, MR COOL. Pit percussionist, mechanical engineer, and metal genre aficionado.

Instagram: @stacyjean713, @stacyjeanbooking, @sugarpunkfairies


Isabella Leb. CDMX/México. Independent drummer and instructor.
Steve Roth Los Angeles, CA/USA - Drummer for L.A.’s premier 80’s tribute band, Memberz Only.
Tyler Phouthasack from Rochester, NY and I play drums in a Rochester native metal band called White Tides! I proudly endorse Scorpion Percussion.
 Joe Lana Jr - I Live and play drums in Rochester, NY. with multiple bands and artists like Unwill, The Discmen, and Ryan Bauer.

Phil Wax - From the suburbs of Philadelphia and have been working as a professional musician since 1985 ( both as a session and touring drummer) . I'm currently playing with Beatle Metal Mania , Sebbath , and As We Become Ghosts (A.W B.G.) 



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