You won't need all of those washers, sleeves, nuts, felts, and other components on each stand... Just ONE No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve. 

Cymbal Sleeves

NO NUTS Cymbal Sleeves are a must-have for drummers who want to save time and money! Unlike other sleeves and mounts, No Nuts are extra-long and eliminate the need for wingnuts, locking devices, washers, and felts. They are made of a soft & flexible, high-tech, super-durable material that will press or twist on and last many months (or years) depending on use. They will not crack after a few crashes like hard plastic. And there is no need to take them off after each gig... just slip your cymbals on and off with ease! Leave the sleeves on for the life of the product! 


Save Money

U.S. Patent 9,842,574

For Drummers On The Go!

Save Time

Because our sleeves are long-lasting, don't fall off the stands, and eliminate the need for multiple components on each stand... You'll definitely save money!

When you only have 10 minutes to set up and break down between bands, every second counts!  Don't waste minutes twisting all those wingnuts and removing felts... just slip your cymbals on & off and GO!

No Nuts